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Songs Inside The Box documents a unique phenomenon that occurred when the primitive aspects of cigar box guitar making were combined with the use of modern technology like the Internet. Events like the Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza, at which performances in the documentary were recorded, came about because cigar box guitar enthusiasts came together through the Internet. Here are some links connecting the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution:

In December 2008, following the initial release of Songs Inside The Box, Shane Speal, the self-proclaimed King of the Cigar Box Guitar, declaired, “The Cigar Box Guitar Revolution has been won. We are now the CIGAR BOX NATION” and he created a social networking community at CigarBoxNation.com. This is a growing community connecting people from the original Cigar Box Guitar Forum as well as new members.

The Cigar Box Guitar Forum
This Yahoo Group was started in 2004 by Shane Speal and brought together over 3,000 people around the world who share an interest in primitive instruments. Since the creation of CigarBoxNation.com the activity on this forum has fallen off as people have moved to the new home of the cigar box guitar movement.

The Cigar Box Guitar Builders Forum
Also a Yahoo Group, this is a spinoff of the original forum and the concentration here is on building tips.

Tha Goat
Tha Goat is Kirk Withrow’s streaming channel of cigar box guitar music on Live365.com. The name comes from a Johnny Lowebow song.

Joker’s Cigar Box Guitar Podcast
Eric Baker makes the Joker line of cigar box guitars. He also makes some fine podcasts of CBG music.

Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters at MySpace
Ted Crocker built this CBG tribute. He’s an active member of both CBG forums and served as a consultant for Songs Inside The Box.

Scotty’s Cigar Box Guitars
This site is an excellent resource that helped fuel the revolution several years ago. Scotty’s probably been too busy to update for a while but there’s still lots of good info here.